Zinc Spark

Category :
Soil Nutrients
Element :
Zinc (5%), Ferrous (2%), Boron (0.5%), Copper (0.2%), Manganese (0.5%)
Dose :
10 to 16 kg/Acre
Usage :
Apply as Base or Supplementary fertilizer in any Crop.
Available In :
2 kg (jar)
5 kg (bag)
10 kg (bag)
25 kg (Laminated bag)


Advantages of using Zinc Spark…

  • Prevents flower beetles from falling out of the plant and the fruit from rupturing
  • Prevents yellowing or reddening of plants due to micronutrient deficiencies, maintains plant greenery
  • It eliminates the deficiency of microorganisms and keeps the plants healthy and promotes overall growth.
  • It is a mixture of micronutrients in form of sulphate that plant can quickly take.
  • The grade is indicated by the Gujarat government by studying the land of Gujarat.

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