Gv - Mag

Category :
Soil Nutrients
Element :
Magnesium (9.6%), Sulfur (12%).
Dose :
100 gm /Pump, 25 kg/Acre
Usage :
Apply as Base or Supplementary fertilizer, drip, spray in any Crop.
Available In :
1 kg (Pouch)
25 kg (Laminated bag)


Advantages of using GV-Mag or Mag 90…

  • Plays an important role in making chlorophyll needed for plants.
  • Accelerates the transport of essential elements in different parts of the plant and helps in the action of photosynthesis.
  • Plays a role in supplementing the metabolism of nutrients taken from the soil by plants.
  • Makes composition in fruit-flowering, fatty acids and oils and provides required starch and sugars to plant.

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