Jivant Pochonia

Category :
Bio Pesticides
Element :
Verticillium chlamydosporia 1.0% W.P. (CFU: 2 x 10^6 / gm.)
Dose :
1 Kg. / Acre
Usage :
Manure, mixed with organic compost, flour or sand and applied in standing crop
Available In :
1 Kg. (Pouch)


Advantages of using Jivant Pochonia…

  • This is a biological Dewormer that eats worm eggs and destroys female reproductive organs by infesting them.
  • In addition to effective control of worms, it also plays an important role in crop growth and development.
  • Effectively controls crop worms such as insect-shaped, shell, root cutters, black spot on roots, clots etc.
  • Low cost compared to chemical deworming.
  • Pathogenic worms cannot build up their immune system with the use of JIVANT POCHONIA

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