Jivant Bio Potash

Category :
Bio Fertilizers
Element :
Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria (CFU: 5x10^7 cells/gm ), Other Natural Ingredients
Dose :
50 to 100 kg/Acre
Usage :
Apply as Base or Supplementary fertilizer in any Crop
Available In :
50 kg (Laminated bag)


Advantages of using Jivant Bio Potash…

  • Makes unavailable Potash available in the soil and makes it useful to plants.
  • N, P, Ca, Mg, S, Zn, Fe, give dynamism to such elements and increase the absorption by the crop.
  • Potassium mobilizing bacteria promotes the growth of crops by producing various hormones and acids during their physiological process.
  • Jivant Bio Potash does not disturb the balance of land and the environment.

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