Category :
Spray - Drip Nutrients
Element :
Potassium (23%), Magnesium (11%), Sulphur (15%)
Dose :
100 gm. / Pump, 5 to 10 Kg / Acre
Usage :
Apply as Base or Supplementary fertilizer, drip, and spray in any Crop.
Available In :
1 Kg
5Kg (Pouch)


Advantages of using Potasham…

  • Potassium, magnesium and sulphur, the three elements essential for crop growth and production, are easily supplemented.
  • Since three nutrients are involved in a single particle, the crop is supplemented with nutrients in a uniform manner.
  • The property of being easily soluble in water and becomes immediately available in the overall growth of plants.
  • Due to its chloride-free and neutral pH score, it can be used in both acetic and alkaline soils.

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